Stock Measuring and Fitting

A Perfectly Fitted Stock is essential for optimum performance and accuracy

We are able to assist our customers in determining the correct specifications for their shotgun stock. The first thing to consider when purchasing a shotgun, either second hand or new is gun fit. How do you make sure your gun fits? At Guns & Tackle we help you understand the dynamics of a well-fitting shotgun. For a new shooter, it may take some time to develop a consistent gun mount, so modifications should ideally be done only as the shooter improves and develops his or her style.

After a period of time shooting either Skeet or Trap on the range, enthusiasts will quickly recognize issues or “problem” areas. For instance, you may shoot behind the target, or over the target.  And your cheek and/ or shoulderis really take a beating. What could be wrong? Most imported shotguns stocks are made too long for Indian shooters therefore the majority of guns do not fit. Shooters then compromise proper form and technique in order to fit themselves to the gun rather than have the gun fit them.

The ideal shotgun fit is very personal. It has everything to do with gender, body shape, eye dominance, left or right handed. Since most guns are made for right-handed shooters, the lefties of the shooting world are presented with the challenge of finding a good left-handed gun with an uncompromising fit. It is often a challenge for women too, whose arms are usually shorter, their cheek bones higher, necks longer etc.

Italian shotguns are designed for a right-handed male shooter who is 5-foot-9, weighs approximately 75 kgs, with a 33-inch arm length and who wears a size 40 shirt. For women, lefties and persons who don’t fit the above description a visit to our shop will have you on your way to improved scores.

Once you address the physical challenges, another important consideration is whether your shotgun is for Skeet, Trap or Double Trap. This is important as the gun mounts and swing is different for each discipline, the target sight picture is different and generally the stocks, barrel length and rib heights are different.

We can, within reason modify an existing stock to meet the needs of a variety of shooters. Maybe you need an adjustable comb, allowing you to raise or lower your face on the stock, or perhaps an adjustable recoil pad that can be canted to any angle and adjusted to the proper height. Maybe a simple trigger or length of pull adjustment or a slight adjustment in the pitch of the stock is in order or even an adjustable rib that can be raised or lowered.

Call to schedule a Try-Gun Fitting with us in Hyderabad and we will work with you to create a stock that fits your personal dimensions and shooting preferences.

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