Fenix Head Lamps

Make: Fenix, USA

Model : Fenix HL12R

High-Performance Compact Headlamp
Small, flexible and ready for action – the Fenix HL12R is a rechargeable headlamp that is the ultimate hands-free lighting tool. Loaded with an ultra bright CREE XP-G2 LED, this little powerhouse can produce up to 400 Lumens of neutral white light. A dual switch design allows you to switch easily between five unique output levels, as well as an additional red LED that enhances night vision. Light weight and a comfortable head strap keep the HL12R securely in place, allowing you to focus on whatever task comes your way.
Price: Rs. 3,800.00/- Incl., all Taxes

Model: Fenix HL16

Neutral white LED headlamp
The Fenix HL16 is a lightweight, durable LED headlamp that emits a hefty 70 Lumens of neutral white light. Neutral white light is a warmer, more natural color that is easy on the eyes and provides more realistic color rendering than standard cool white LEDs. The HL16 has a 60 Degree Tilt mechanism that allows users to angle the light in the direction they desire. An additional red LED mode is great for night vision, and a flashing mode can be used in case of emergencies. With power and utility to spare, the HL16 is a solid pick up for anyone that needs hands free lighting.

LED Fun for the whole family

The HL16 is a great way to get your kid out of the house! The unit is lightweight, comfortable and made child safe with reliable materials, easy to use interface and a battery compartment that is locked with a screw. A comfort designed headstrap fits heads of all sizes, so adults and children alike can make use of this powerful headlamp. Great for camping, hiking and hunting trips, the HL16 is a perfect companion for kids of all ages.
Features: Digitally regulate output maintains constant brightness / Red light for night vision / Red flashing mode for emergencies / 60 Degree tilt mechanism directs the beam where needed / One switch control for fast, easy operation
Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion / Intelligent overheat protection protects from high surface temperature / Made of quality aluminum and plastic /CPSIA and REACH certified / Secure locked battery pack – great for kids!
Price: Rs. 2,000.00/- Incl., all Taxes