Parker Hale, UK

Parker-Hale Limited began manufacturing high quality precision shooting accessories in the heart of the gun-making quarter in the year 1880. The founder, A.G. Parker, was a well-known rifleman of the 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment and recognized the need for the supply of shooting aids to his fellow shooters.

The business had developed slowly up to the turn of the century, when Mr. Parker decided to invite his nephew Mr. A.T.C. Hale to become a partner. He showed considerable skills in the art of target shooting, an interest that was to remain with him throughout his life.

In 1904 the first catalogue of arms and shooting accessories was issued. Though limited in its range it showed the companies growing trend for the development of accessories.

The success of Parker-Hale in this period owes much to the foundation of the small-bore movement. The tremendous increase in shooting generally created a demand for a wider range of shooting equipment, many of the ideas for which came from the enthusiastic shooters themselves.

Over the following years the company went through many up’s and downs till eventually in November 2000, John Rothery (Wholesale) Co. Ltd purchased the brand name Parker-Hale and continues to manufacture many of the gun care items and accessories to the same high standards.

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