Shotgun Blend

Make BoreTech, USA
Item # BTCN – 20004
 Item Name Shotgun Blend, 118ml

 Don’t be fooled by the smell….

Bore Tech’s SHOTGUN BLEND brings shotgun cleaning into the 21st century with a specifically blended solvent exclusively for shotguns.  SHOTGUN BLEND is completely ammonia free, has a light citrus smell and makes cleaning of your shotguns a breeze.

SHOTGUN BLEND is formulated to safely and quickly remove lead, plastic and carbon fouling from shotgun barrels, forcing cones, chokes, and choke tubes.   Its proprietary formulation is designed to penetrate and lift the most stubborn fouling from the bore’s surface without any damaging side effects, ensuring reliability from your shotgun..

Bore Tech’s SHOTGUN BLEND is the choice for discriminating shotgun shooters who demand nothing short of total performance from their shotguns.

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