Shield Rust Preventive

Price: Rs.1,800/- Incl Tax for 118ml (OUT of STOCK)

Bore Tech’s SHIELD XP RUST PREVENTATIVE is a unique pump spray, rust and corrosion preventative designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Its specially designed formula displaces moisture and provides a dry, long-term barrier against rust and corrosion on all metals.

Unlike typical preventatives that leave a wet oily film on the metal’s surface, Shield Rust Preventative XP penetrates deep into the metal’s pores sealing it from the environment. Fast drying, SHIELD XP will not attract dust, dirt or sand and forms a barrier against damp, humid and corrosive environments.

Shield XP’s formula is specially designed for firearms and contains over 5X more rust/corrosion protection than the competition and easily surpasses 500 hours in ASTM humidity testing and 100 hours in ASTM salt spray testing. Safe for use on all metals, Shield XP deposits a dry, non-oily, non-gumming, non-accuracy affecting invisible barrier that will leave your valuable firearms completely protected.

Bore Tech’s Shield XP Rust Preventative provides the barrier against rust and corrosion you need for undoubted protection of your fine firearms and knives.

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