Moly Magic

Make BoreTech, USA
Item # BTCM -15004
 Item Name Moly Magic, 118ml
Description Bore Tech’s MOLY MAGIC is a unique blend of penetrants and surfactants formulated exclusively to assist in the removal of Molybdenum disulfide build-up in rifle bores.  Molybdenum disulfide (commonly referred to as “Moly”) is a substantive material, which means that it clings to metal surfaces readily, and while this is part of the mechanism which allows moly to provide friction reduction, it also makes it difficult to remove with traditional bore cleaning solvents.

In the presence of high temperatures and high pressures, moly breaks down causing a thick film build-up and a corrosive sulfuric acid by product.   Both residues can significantly decrease accuracy and destroy barrel steel if not properly cleaned.

Bore Tech’s MOLY MAGIC penetrates deep into the metal’s pores while a specially formulated surfactant system suspends and attracts the particles to the patch with electrostatic force, greatly increasing cleaning efficiency.

MOLY MAGIC IS NOT A BORE CLEANER.  MOLY MAGIC should be used in conjunction with a bore cleaner like Bore Tech’s ELIMINATOR™ to achieve proper cleaning results.

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