Chameleon Gel

Make BoreTech, USA
Item # BTCK – 4002
 Item Name Chameleon Gel, 59 ml

Bore Tech’s CHAMELEON GELTM (pronounced like the colour changing lizard) is a cutting edge, colour indicating cleaner and polish that effectively removes heavy Carbon, Copper, Lead and Plastic fouling. The exclusive chemical and mechanical cleaning technology is non-harming, non-embedding, bio-degradable and 100% safe for all barrel types. The easy to use gel formulation requires no mixing and cleans up quickly for a shiny barrel every time.

CHAMELEON GELTM  is recommended for:

  • Extremely fouled bores
  • Every 250-500 rounds to polish bore
  • Heavy carbon fouling in the throat area
  • Heavy Moly fouling in bores.

Unlike any other “bore paste” cleaner, the CHAMELEON GELTM is the first to utilize colour indicating chemical cleaning technology. This in conjunction with the PROVEN, 100% barrel safe polish effectively cleans and indicates to the shooter what type of fouling is in the bore and when the bore is clean. This combination of both chemical and mechanical action safely cleans the bore in half the time of traditional bore paste cleaners.

The standard mechanical abrasion technology used for decades in traditional bore pastes turns black whether the barrel is copper fouled, carbon fouled or 100 % clean. Shooters have no indication of their bore condition and in turn over use the traditional bore paste which over a prolonged period damages barrel steels.

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