RunLock Rope

 What is RunLock ?

Runlock consists of two parallel ropes that are locked together so that they form continuous and regular loops. Runlock is a Swedish product of highest quality, manufactured in 100% polyester and available in six different sizes.

It’s flexible and does not break at heavy snatches. Runlock does not have to be spliced or knotted and therefore retains its strength in all situations.

Thanks to the ingenious construction you will never end up with knots that are difficult to untie no matter how hard the Runlock knot is locked.

A knot can be created anywhere in the rope and easily moved if necessary. The flexible loop design creates endless possibilities and user areas. Only the users imagination sets the limit.

Colour Diameter Strength(Kg) Stretch(%) Per 3.5 Metres (Taxes Extra) Per 5 Metres (Taxes Extra)
BLACK 4 170 30 ₹ 270 ₹ 385
ORANGE 5 230 29 ₹ 525 ₹ 750
BLUE 6 290 34 ₹ 655 ₹ 935
OLIVE GREEN 8 480 38 ₹ 910 ₹ 1,300
FLUOR YELLOW 10 580 35 ₹ 1,169 ₹ 1,670
WHITE 12 700 34 ₹ 1,453 ₹ 2,075

NOTE: To see an enlarged version of these pictures click on a photo, scroll down and click on “View full size”.

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